BioRes-Store-proBiores Pro is the universal tool for determining resonances from the house of Biores. This allows you to energetically analyze and harmonize objects of your choice. Investigate and check:

  • Yourself

  • your partner, family, friends, clients,

  • humans, animals, plants and communities

  • body energy system, psyche, fields of consciousness
  • locations, houses, rooms, places
  • products, clothing, cosmetics, food

  • business, everyday life, and family decisions
  • customers, business partners

What can you investigate?

  • Resonance. What seems to be going on? (Use our databases for help)
  • Deficiency. What is missing …?
  • Abundance. What is excessive?

  • Compatibility. Does X fit to Y?
  • What is needed to achieve…?
  • What should / can I do to reach…?
  • Truth. Is this true? Is he / she authentic? Is that right?
  • What makes me feel good? What should I avoid? What is wrong here?

While working with Biores pro, communication is taking place with your own higher energy system – your intuition. The system runs it through inputs created in the database and displays resonances, even for entries you are not aware of.

You don’t have to be on site, you can test from distance.

It doesn’t matter which level or method you choose. With Biores Pro you retrieve information and energies that come to your mind and support you with your work. Your creativity has no limits.

Take advantage of the large, ever-growing database offering.

Our aim is to give you a deeper insight into the spiritual and energetical structure of creatures, things and oneself. We want you to experience and test yourself on how things work and what is hiding behind the facade. Trust yourself. Biores pro helps you to identify illusions of the world. You can develop strategies and resources for yourself and others to dissolve these and be free.

And if you simply want to know how to deal with one or the other issue, or want to find a homeopathic remedy that makes you feel good, then Biores pro is right here for you.

We wish you much pleasure with it.